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Paragon Videos 10-16-2004

Unfortunately, I had to put the camera down for the better trails. It was just too hard to film and drive at the same time.

Paragon Parking Lot - More trucks showed up after this, for a total of ten.
(0:36   7.2MB)

The first hill.
(1:06   12.9MB)

Little bit of muddy water.
(1:06   13.0MB)

Crossing the smaller stream.
(1:13   14.3MB)

(2:03   24.0MB)

(0:58   11.4MB)

(4:13   49.5MB)

(0:30   6.0MB)

Down the Hill - it was steeper than it looks.
(0:33   6.6MB)

Washing off the trucks.
(0:43   8.5MB)

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